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File releases related to simulation.
2 frcsim_image Prototype peter mitrano(deleted) - 12/22/2015 9:41 AM  
2016 Field Images
This contains many pictures of the field taken using an Axis camera and an LED ring light much like you'd have on your robot. Use these pictures to help you develop your vision algorithms for shooting. Your colors might be different with you LEDs, but these should get you started. For all of these images, the camera sensitivity was turned down to reduce other things in the scenes.
1 Vision target images for 2016 None Brad Miller (WPI) - 01/09/2016 5:47 PM  
2017 Field Images
This ZIP contains a variety of pictures of unique elements of the 2017 Game Field. These pictures are provided for convenience only and reflect the field as of Field Tour filming. In case of any conflicts with published drawings, the drawings win. For vision targeting sample images, see the C++\Java sample code zip in the Sample Programs package.
1 Field Images None Kevin O'Connor (FIRST) - 01/08/2017 12:46 AM  
Driver Station
1 2015 Offseason DS None Kevin O'Connor (FIRST) - 05/14/2015 6:43 PM  
FRC Radio Configuration Utility
Tool to configure FRC Robot Radios.
5 FRC Radio Configuration Utility 17.3 (2/14/17) None Kevin O'Connor (FIRST) - 02/13/2017 10:17 PM  
Sample Programs
Game or KOP part Sample programs
1 2017 C++\Java Vision Sample None Kevin O'Connor (FIRST) - 01/08/2017 12:22 AM