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FIRST Community Developers

The purpose of this site
is to support FIRST
community software
development efforts. The
first project for the
site is the FRC Event
API project. Discussion
forums, wiki, documents,
file release, and
trackers (bugs/features)
will be hosted here in
support of the API
project and related
community efforts. The
site is public, but a
login will be required
to post to the forums.

Project Created: 10/02/2014

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Project News
Preference System Results Today
Hello! This message is regarding today's event preference system results being displayed. The results will appear in a single batch in the late afternoon on both frc-events and the frc-api services. They _will not_ be there immediately after the selection system closes at noon eastern. Please _do not_ hammer these services looking for the results until the announcement is made- they will not be there. Thank you.
aherreid - 09/28/2017 2:49 PM GMT
Demo Teams Added
This is a notification that some "demo teams" have been added to the database. These teams, with team numbers 9985-9999 are not representative of real FIRST Robotics Competition teams, but rather, are used for off-season events to better support "pre-rookie" teams, testing and development, and other efforts. However, they still appear through the API, in match results, etc, as those teams may appear at events that list their results through the API.
If you have any questions, please feel free to pose them in the discussion.
aherreid - 11/07/2016 10:08 PM GMT
API Version 2 Information and Updates
Hello community developers!

If you are interested in the Community Developers Project, and would like an authorization token for additional exploration, please "join" the project. Be sure to include details about yourself/your team/what your project is when you are submitting your request. During the off season, we will process requests once per month, near the end of each month. During the regular season, requests are processed about once per week, before each competition week. Tokens are removed if the account is inactive for over 6 months (0 requests), or has been banned for one month without contacting us. If your token disappears, just send us a message and we'll help you out.

Documentation for version 2 of the FRC Events API has been released. You can find the documentation in the same environment as it was originally, Apiary, at this address:

There have been significant changes in the second version. Please review the documentation carefully, and, for any applications or development going forward, use the most recent revision of the API. Pay close attention to the addresses for calling the various endpoints- as well as the notes regarding endpoints with multiple possible responses (i.e. score details and rankings). You can also check out the new stuff, like the "scores" endpoint, which will allow access to detailed scoring data for each match. Keep in mind that some of this data is subject to change, like the details of the scoring endpoint in relation to the 2016 game, which we won't be releasing documentation for until Kickoff.

If there are other changes which you wish to have considered for version 2 of the API, but do not exist in the preliminary documentation, please report them by clicking "Trackers" then "feature requests" here on TeamForge. We will continue to monitor the requests and make changes to the preliminary documentation as needed. You can test against this version of the API using the Apiary testing functionality, or the frc-staging-events server.

Please remember that v2.0 is not final until Kickoff- we will keep updating the versions that are available for testing, but additional changes may be made if we uncover any problems, or changes are needed for the new game. We will post here when v2.0 is final.

Happy coding,
The FMS Team
aherreid - 12/09/2015 11:20 PM GMT
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