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Terms of Use
This is a notification of required action for existing Tokens. Tokens created prior to July 1st, 2020 will need to agree to the Terms of Use in order to continue use of the API. New accounts will be able to agree to the Terms as part of registration, and do not need to follow this additional step. To agree to the terms for an existing token head over to after July 1st and use the "Agree to Terms" button. This need only be done one time. Existing tokens will continue to work through October 31, 2020, but agreement with the Terms of Use is required for receipt of 2021+ data, or for any requests after October 31st, 2020.
Please also note that early development of API v3 is underway, with corresponding end-of-life for XML on our endpoints. If you currently use XML for your requests, please begin phasing out use of those endpoints and instead converting to JSON, which will be available for all versions and endpoints. At the same time, API v1 will be retired and more detailed dates will come at a later time.
Alex Herreid (FIRST) - 06/25/2020 6:44 PM GMT
Looking for an API Token?
If you are interested in the Community Developers Project, and would like an authorization token to make calls against our API, please head over to:

This automated system will send you a verification message followed by an access token. Tokens are subject to being removed if the account is inactive for over 6 months (0 requests), or does not validate their email address within 72 hours of requesting a token.
FMS Developer (FIRST) - 03/12/2019 5:46 PM GMT
Championship Schedules
Each year FIRST releases preliminary schedules for FRC matches. When we do so, they _do not_ come through on the API and the webpages. We do this on purpose, as we don't want to create any confusion in the off chance that a schedule change is needed. We kindly ask that you please respect our request to keep this information inside the PDF copies preliminary, and do not serve up this data from any other locations/websites/services. Once the schedule is official, it will appear in all the API endpoints and webpages, at which point you can do what you wish. Thanks
Alex Herreid (FIRST) - 04/05/2018 4:08 PM GMT
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