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OffSeason Events in API/Web
This is a notification that we are now allowing multiple types of Off-Season Event listing on the API and Webpages of The one we currently use, "OffSeasonWithAzureSync" (under "type" on the events endpoint) will remain active. This represents an event that intends to post live results, etc while they play matches. A new type is being added, "OffSeason" for events that wish to be listed on our directory/pages, but do not intend to post live results. For these events, you'll only see team lists (registrations, if they submit them) as well as the basic event information. All other pages will just be blank (on the web) or empty (on the API). If you have any questions, be sure to post in the discussions area. Thank you.
Alex Herreid (FIRST) - 07/30/2019 1:18 PM GMT
Looking for an API Token?
If you are interested in the Community Developers Project, and would like an authorization token to make calls against our API, please head over to:

This automated system will send you a verification message followed by an access token. Tokens are subject to being removed if the account is inactive for over 6 months (0 requests), or does not validate their email address within 72 hours of requesting a token.
FMS Developer (FIRST) - 03/12/2019 5:46 PM GMT
API Version 2 Information and Updates
Hello community developers!

Documentation for version 2 of the FRC Events API has been released. You can find the documentation in the same environment as it was originally, Apiary, at this address:

There have been significant changes in the second version. Please review the documentation carefully, and, for any applications or development going forward, use the most recent revision of the API. Pay close attention to the addresses for calling the various endpoints- as well as the notes regarding endpoints with multiple possible responses (i.e. score details and rankings). You can also check out the new stuff, like the "scores" endpoint, which will allow access to detailed scoring data for each match. Keep in mind that some of this data is subject to change, like the details of the scoring endpoint in relation to a particular game, which we can't release documentation on until Kickoff.

If there are other changes which you wish to have considered for version 2 (or future) of the API, but do not exist in the documentation, please report them by clicking "Trackers" then "feature requests" here on TeamForge. We will continue to monitor the requests and make changes to the preliminary documentation as needed. You can test against this version of the API using the Apiary testing functionality, or the frc-staging-events server.

Happy coding,
The FMS Team
FMS Developer (FIRST) - 03/12/2019 5:44 PM GMT
Championship Schedules
Each year FIRST releases preliminary schedules for FRC matches. When we do so, they _do not_ come through on the API and the webpages. We do this on purpose, as we don't want to create any confusion in the off chance that a schedule change is needed. We kindly ask that you please respect our request to keep this information inside the PDF copies preliminary, and do not serve up this data from any other locations/websites/services. Once the schedule is official, it will appear in all the API endpoints and webpages, at which point you can do what you wish. Thanks
Alex Herreid (FIRST) - 04/05/2018 4:08 PM GMT
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