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4LowIcon 13artf2417 : Morphed graphs go back to graphs when decorator is added  
  • artf2417 dependent icon
  • NoneBrad Miller (WPI)Open  
    3MediumIcon 13artf2326 : Need to fill out the list of icons  
  • artf2326 dependent icon
  • NoneBrad Miller (WPI)Open  
    3MediumIcon 13artf2321 : Tone down the colors on the value meter  
  • artf2321 dependent icon
  • NoneBrad Miller (WPI)Open  
    4LowIcon 13artf2418 : Change orientation strings for label decorators  
  • artf2418 dependent icon
  • NoneBrad Miller (WPI)Fixed  
    3MediumIcon 13artf2322 : Slider widget needs is unidirectional  
  • artf2322 dependent icon
  • NoneBrad Miller (WPI)Fixed  
    3MediumIcon 13artf2403 : Compass: Rotator Decorator difficult to set to 90 degrees using slider, and doesn't save state  
  • artf2403 dependent icon
  • NoneJames Killian(deleted)Fixed  
    4LowIcon 13artf2546 : Unable to clone git repository  
  • artf2546 dependent icon
  • NoneJoe RossOpen  
    4LowIcon 13artf1998 : Creating too many tabs pushes the settings and play buttons off the screen  
  • artf1998 dependent icon
  • NonePaul Malmsten(deleted)Open  
    4LowIcon 13artf1997 : Playback buttons do not work as expected  
  • artf1997 dependent icon
  • NonePaul Malmsten(deleted)Open  
    3MediumIcon 13artf1996 : Cannot delete widgets partially or wholly within a Grid widget  
  • artf1996 dependent icon
  • NonePaul Malmsten(deleted)Open